Otak-otak is delicious food in Indonesia. I read from one blog, otak-otak comes from Bangka Belitung but I am not sure about this. From that blog, there is a funny story about otak-otak in Bangka Belitung, why do you call this “otak-otak” while the ingredient of otak-otak is not brain (in Bahasa, the meaning of brain is otak)? But, I think this story is not true this is just a joke. Well, talking about the ingredient of otak-otak, it is easy to get them. So, you can make otak-otak by yourself. The ingredient of otak-otak is mackerel, or ikan gabus, ikan kakap, and ikan golo-golo (the three of those fishes is in Bahasa). Seperate the meat of fish from the thorn, then give the seasoning. After that, wraped it up by banana leaf and burn it. Easy right? Do you want to try?

Thanks to :

Bang Bokir (The seller of otak-otak)



#If you find a wrong words, please tell me. Thank you 🙂



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